Say Hello to HOOPIE!

Hoopie has been waiting for each and every opportunity to do his part for this big event. We hope you enjoy these videos of his antics and we look forward to seeing you at this years Hoopfest event!

What does Hoopie dream about before March Magic Hoopfest?

Hoopie's Antics Over The Years

Hoopie has never been one to shy aware from working hard and playing hard. Sometimes, those things don't go quite the way he expected.

Hoopie Spends Time Helping Out The Hoopfest Sponsors

Hoopie Commits Too Many Fouls At The Office

What Will Hoopie Do To Pass The Time Until Hoopfest?

Hoopie Can't Wait To See You At Hoopfest!

Are You As Excited For Hoopfest As Hoopie?

Three Weeks Until Hoopfest! What Will Hoopie Do?

Hoopie Teams Up With Sparty To Get In Top Shape For Hoopfest!

We first met Hoopie in 2014...

Follow the story from the first sightings of our beloved Hoopie, to the day he finally was discovered! Watch the videos from the bottom of the page up to the top to follow along:

Greater Lansing Sports Authority phantom finally caught on video!

What is going on at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority?

What is it?

Another Strange Sighting at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority

Strange Sighting at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority